SMU Study Trip

Universal Food PCL (UFC) hosted a team of 25 talented top undergraduate scholars from Singapore Management University (SMU) on 26th May, 2015. The objectives of this study were to seek insights on Bangkok’s long history as the leading regional economic center in Thailand and Indo-China, and understand best international practices of highly esteemed organizations. These scholars were also interested in global internship and/or employment opportunities in overseas companies. Mr. Francis Foo, Managing Director of UFC gave an introduction of our group companies and shared some of our successes and learnings of our FMCG business. These scholars participated in a fruitful Q&A session with several intelligent questions on Category Management, Supply Chain, IP, brand strategy being raised and discussed. Ms. Sumanthi Nair, Manager, Centre for Scholars Development Office of Dean of Students and Mr. Bryan Tan from the Office of SMU Alumni Association commented: “The students learned a great deal from the sharing of UFC’s valuable experiences and gained insights into practical issues that they will never get to learn from textbooks or internet.” The group was impressed by the taste and quality of UFC Refresh 100% Natural Coconut Water. They will recommend UFC products to their friends and relatives via Facebook & Instagram posting.