Agriculture in Thailand has been essential in shaping our scientific, social and economical history. Over the years, realizing the significance of agriculture, Thais have increasingly embraced sustainable agriculture. Today, about a third of Thailand’s land use is devoted to agricultural activities such as rice, fruit and vegetable plantations. UNIVERSAL FOOD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED, or more commonly known as UFC, is one of Thailand’s leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, beverages and sauce and seasoning. Recognising Thailand’s comparative advantage in agriculture, UFC set up with a mission to utilise local quality goods and know-how to produce the best fruit and vegetable products for consumers all over the world. The commitment in supplying the world with fruit and vegetable from Thailand also allowed UFC to contribute in creating a much-needed employment in the rural community.

Thais acute history and relationship towards fruits translate to UFC high standards and dedication. We start the process, with strong foundation, building relationship with local supplier to ensure only quality raw materials are delivered into our factories. Raw materials are then graded, sorted and trimmed in accordance with the established specifications set out by our Quality Control Department. After preparation process, the Canned Fruits and Vegetables will be sealed and cooked in accordance to the heat profiles set out by our Quality Control Department to ensure that the food safety standard is maintained and is in accordance to the GMP standard. Same attention and care is given to all our products, whether they are juices and beverage or our sauces and seasonings.

Our supervision does not end here; finished Products are clearly identified with production dates and batch codes for effective tracking and carefully stored into the warehouse waiting for delivery according to the customers’ instructions.